Rascal, you NAZI!!!

Dude, what the fuck is with those ads?

Yeah urm, hi guys, my reason for this is purely based on money (obviously). I was attracted to the idea by a friend of mine who is doing the same thing (I think). If you want to avoid those ads in the future their are a couple of ways of doing it:

  1. Bookmark THIS page
  2. Memorize      ^    page
  3. Give me a million pounds

Pretty simple really, I’ve adopted the idea that about 90% of the people who visit rascal999.co.uk never come back so I decided to get something out of em :D

In other news, I went to see Les Misérables yesterday. It was my first proper theatre show, and it was very good! After getting over the fact that the French DID have a revolution, I settled down and the show started. It’s not in French (my first fear), and wasn’t half as boring as I had anticipated (I was going to snooze the show). I think they’ve purposely designed the chairs so you can’t do this though. Unless you slouch to the point where you neck is the only part of your body on the ass holder of the chair. It would make sense though, I mean, if I were up their acting, I’d be pretty pissed if some asshat dropped off in the show, very rude…


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