I’ve been busy.

I’ve (not) been busy, I haven’t had time to write anything here (I couldn’t be bothered) so, I’m sorry (fuck you). I’ve been working on my radio see, epic failure on the fading times though. It’s actually quite funny coz when my ads’ playing (me saying some shit about you should visit rascal999.co.uk) the next song kinda dwarfs it out. I’ll fix that when I restart the server.

My dreams blog is coming along. I must write about my BF2 dream, and seeing my dad’s wife naked O.o

Here’s a good game for all my American (ehm, giving away Harry’s position) ‘friends’ who have a particularly sour taste over Hillary Clinton. Heh, come on guys, who doesn’t hate this bitch? Anyway, hope you enjoy it (I didn’t get it from Digg O.o).

Here’s also something I’ve tried recently (read the warning), dumbasses.


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