I’ve had some ideas over the past couple days which I may pursue. My first is a Dream Blog which shall detail dreams I’ve had. I know it’s random, but if you can ‘decode’ dreams and find out what they mean, you’ll be able to tell what I’m thinking? Heh, my other idea is quite a cool one and (hopefully) I’ll have it coded by my next post.

Sorry (not) for the lack of posts over the past couple days, I just didn’t get the time to write anything. Yesterday I watched Hostel 1 and (some of) 2. You can check out the trailers here. I thought they’d be more gory than they were tbh. I expected some hardcore finger in throat action with body parts flying all over the place and heads rolling carelessly around the set. Instead, we got sex, women, and the occasional; whoops your head has been chopped off. Nothing special… I mean don’t get me wrong I love a pair of tits but erh, I was expecting more pace and less build up in both movies… 6.5/10 overall so far.

Found these two sites earlier while making my rounds. I’m going to feel a bit smarter now knowing I know all the latest discovered security flaws in today’s software and Operating Systems… good for me. This is another good one.

I’ve decided not to go down the video front. Not because I can’t be bothered, but because you get cunt’ish remarks from asshats who don’t know what they’re talking about. Sure, I’ll keep releasing tutorials once every blue moon, but nothing webcam based. I did think about just disabling comments on my YouTube videos but then realized I was contradicting my policy on ‘free speech’, which is bad.

I’m getting feedback on me using my scooter around the place now. Most people are genuinely ‘O.K’ about it, some even think it’s cool (heck, why wouldn’t you?) However, some people think it’s ’sad’. Upon looking up the definition of such word, I drew the following conclusions:

Grammatically, they could only be implying one of two things.

• One: I was sad because I was riding a scooter as opposed to using my legs. FACT: You’re an idiot :D I’ve never been happier whilst on my travels. I believe I’ve cut the amount of time I spend walking by at least 1/3. It gets me places quicker, which makes me happy =]

• Two: I look stupid. FACT: The buffalo bill of a girl who said this to me had a face barely comparable to my arse smothered in shit. If I look stupid riding a scooter, you look stupid using those fucking tree stumped legs of yours, get a life

To the small portion of you who think my scooter sucks or the idea that I look ’stupid’ on it should really re-evaluate their views as their really is no downside to ’scooting’ around (other than carrying the piece of shit). I could just turn around and say, ‘You look stupid walking’, but that’s not good because everyone does it. So, wait, let me think about this. If everyone ‘scooted’ around, would that make it stupid?


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