The accumulation of…

dust, wires, and fucking aggravation. Damn, I tried to get one of these plastic thingy’s to work with one of these far better manly router thingy’s and got absolutely no where. I spent hours upon hours trying to get it to work, but, because China are shit, I only got as far as ‘Destination net unreachable’ :( oh well.

In tutorial news, I’ve decided (upon request) to make a tutorial dedicated to showing ya’ll how to make a MySQL database using, wait for it, phpMyAdmin (:/). *Sigh* seriously guys, I don’t know what to say. I’m disappointed? Erh, I know I’m in the position where I know this and you don’t, but, fucking hell, I didn’t need a tutorial on phpMyAdmin… Jesus Christ.

I’ve officially teamed up with the guy behind the ‘top secret project I can’t talk about ’til we have a working model running’ thing and will be starting work on it soon. I guess it’ll break my habit of starting something and not finishing it :| hay, I’m sure I’ll be fine…

Went to a party last night, got a little drunk and threw up. I don’t know what came over me, I just sipped some of this French Lager shit and gluulp splat all over the floor (I got some on my jeans as well (greeeen)). It was good fun, I mean, I’ve had better, and erh, I’ve had worse so, gdgd.

I’m getting insured on my car soon. I need to get in the practice before I go ahead with my practical which is like, next month. If I pass I’ll be so pleased because it’ll mean I won’t have to get up so god damn early every morning to drag my ass into school; fantastic.

Purchased these films the other day at Bluewater; in order from best to worst, Hostage (8/10) was quite an awesome movie. Die Hard 4.0 (7.5/10) really portrayed McClane as the typical techno illiterate from his generation and made that Apple ad guy look evermore geekier and cool than ever. The Last Kiss (7.5/10) was a very cool movie (for the ladies) but drags on a little bit. The Fantastic 4’s (6.5-7.0/10) were O.K. I think I expected too much from a hero-based movie. I felt as if they crammed too much in at once. They could have extended what had happened over more time or something, meh, I don’t care. The Silver Surfer is a cool guy, so is the fire guy.


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