My life is over as I know it…

…yep, you heard me, the iTunes store is d-d-d-down. They let you play all the music and stuff… BUT WAIT, you can’t buy it; FFS. You don’t get this shit with p2p do ya… One step closer… but two steps back as this event reinforces the idea that downloading illegally is bad. Thanks iTunes, you’ve reinforced my morality at the expense of losing profit, win-win.


In other news, I’ve been trying to get the ‘multiplayer’ features in DarkBASIC work, I have me a little program where you wonder round a platform as a box and shoot little circles (great), but I don’t know where to take it from there. Anyway, if you want the file, you can get it here. Erm, it doesn’t have a built-in ‘update’ function funnily enough, but, at least I got it working.


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