My Projects

This information is more of a reference for me as I’ve got a lot going on at the moment:

  • Computing Project – This is probably the most important one as it will count toward an A level (something I need to get into university). Basically, I’ve decided to make a image-based ‘tour’ of my school whereby you click arrow keys and move around the main building in a web browser. Obviously I’ve got some php and MySQL in their, and, at the moment, it’s proving to be quite difficult
  • DarkBASIC – Wow, I got this program 5 years ago but have only really looked at it the past couple of days. I tried learning before (when I say learning, I mean, reciting entire programs), but I didn’t have the faintest clue as to what each line of code did. I’m currently working with physics. Its coming along slowly, and my main ambition for this project is to make a multiplayer game
  • A ‘website’ – I have to be sketchy on detail, but I’m working on a website that could be huge if done right. This may help me financially ;) depending on success
  • Other php projects – This includes an accumulation of dusty php scripts either working (or not) residing on my Linux box

Saw a couple videos by ‘Zero Punctuation’ earlier. In my honest opinion, this guy has made quite possibly, the funniest set of videos I have ever seen on the Internet. He reviews video games and films I think, in a very humorous way. ‘Zero Punctuation’ is a clue, go check him out.

I was thinking of getting the iPhone the other day. I need a new phone and iPod so what better excuse to get one (countered by the fact that it’s a absolute fucking rip off). I might get jailbreak for it and stay on my ‘pay as you go’ service. I’m confused to how this would work though because I persume you get sucked into a contract as soon as you purchase it. Meh, I’m not too fussed; blabberings about the 2nd gen iPhone seem to point toward the idea of a cheaper, less beefy model. I’ll wait for that.


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