What is that? WHAT IS THAT??? That, my friends, is the only thing between me, and access to any website on the internet at my high school. I did the regrettable thing the other day in ‘blowing my own trumpet’ in front of one of the senior technicians at my school who didn’t think to disable access to every proxy in the world except his… What a dumbass. For those who just read that and went, wtf, a proxy (or firewall) is the call from heaven or knock from hell (it depends which one your connected to (or forced to funnel down :\)) that has the ability to block sites (like at your workplace, porn) or, free you of such, ‘inadequacies’.

Anyways, I told my technician friend that I could access the net through my own proxy and he was like, ‘oooooohhh yeeeeeaaahhhhhh’. I guess I could say in my defense that he should of known that, and that mentioning the obvious fact just undermines his intelligence, well-being, and the rest of the blonde community (ya, he has blonde SPIKEY hair), total jackass. I looked into HTTP tunneling to counter this insult (challenge, that’s why I told him, I wanted a challenge), but that looks a bit ew. So, I guess I’ll have to try and figure out some other way of gaining unrestricted net access at school :| I’ll find a way.

In other news, I was approached by a visitor to my PHP tutorials today who had left me a message stating that he wanted to take me on, on the next Facebook or something. I was like, ok, I’ve never done a project of this magnitude or anything, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. I’ve suggested that he and his ‘team’ of recruits all assemble on a vent and ‘discuss’ appropriate action. That could be where I say, ‘I’m 17, I’m doing A-levels (one of which includes another php project) and I’ve got exams next week :D’, yeah, timing is crucial. I dunno, there’s money involved so, yeah, we’ll see how it goes.


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