Get down with the sickness

Today has been a busy day. I drove to the hairdresser’s and nearly smashed into two people, one there one back. I figured out why people hooted as well. It’s because they’re scared. I mean, when I hooted on the way home, some complete jackass runner wearing no reflective ran out into the middle of the road and made me brake. I didn’t see him until he was half way across the road, stupid idiot.

I’ve been exchanging emails with some guy who’s offering me a job at his soon-to-be company. He has an idea that could work and wants me to make the site for him. Splendid; that’s my summer holidays fixed. My mum obviously threw a fit over the whole idea and wants me to consult with my dad on financial things bla bla bla. I’ll link the site when there’s something worth showing. We (I) came up with a name almost completely out of the blue. I didn’t think it would be done, but, within an hour of mentioning it, we had set up the site (.co.uk and .com), and we’re ready to go. I’m going to wait until I’ve finished my A levels (he has exams at uni too) and then start.

In Digging I found this article, very well done by the guy who did it.

Btw, here’s my new cut. $con=mysql_connect(“My”,”New”,”Hairstlye pwns”) or die(‘No one likes you.’);


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