30 Seconds to Mars

So I was listening to this fruitful band today and something occurred to me. When man does eventually get to Mars, will they have to pay the band to say ‘Housten erh, we’re 30 seconds to Mars‘? Maybe it’s their idea of a pension. Maybe this whole post was written to get me more hits? Who knows…

Was gonna buy an iPod Classic today. Then I called my driving instructor… Turns out, I owe him (overall) £71.50 for lessons. When I wrote a cheque for him it bounced, which cost me £35 on top of that, and he also wants to charge me for cancelling today’s lesson because I didn’t give him 48 hours notice (this might be incorrect, however). So yeah, today could have gone better. I also had an exam (psychology) which, after my driving instructor had ‘reminded me’ of the charges, questioned how well I did in it. I just stood there thinking “you don’t care, you just wanna feel less guilty for ripping me off”. I huffed and said “O.K”. My mum said I deserved to learn all this shit the ‘hard way’, but I don’t feel that bad about it. It’s not like its my money…

UPDATE: I sent him a txt at 00:09 or something, it wasn’t 48 hours notice :\


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