The elder (dumb?) generation…

Do you remember your teenage years? Probably not; it was all a blur. I bet you can remember the agitation of being a teenager though, y’know, like that little voice constantly nagging in your mind. Oh, wait, that was your parents.

I saw a documentary the other day about how children are supposedly ‘exploited’ online. I couldn’t pin point the exact source of my anger over this program, but it definitely pissed me off. They said shit like, 14 year old girls being chatted up by elders etc and all I could think about was, our last place of privacy on earth out the window?

Obviously I’m not saying this because I have the perverted urge to groom some kiddies, but I believe bringing MSN, IRC etc to the lime light, a tad fucking annoying. What the fuck are parents doing buying household computers for their kids (even sticking them in the privacy of their own bedroom), if they’re completely oblivious to the shit that goes on on the Internet? Its like purchasing a poisonous snake from a pet store for your 3 year old kid, only to find your 3 year old kid dead 3 days/months/years later. You have to research what you’re buying.

I know the structure to this post is much to be desired, but hang with me here. Don’t humans naturally fear what they do not understand? Yeah, that would work but, DUMB FUCKS STILL BUY THEIR KIDS COMPUTERS?! Huh? Parents, please, before you get all hyped out about your son/daughter’s rape encounter through an online buddy of his or hers, consider who let them online (without knowing plausible consequences) in the first place.


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