Team Fortress 2 and my car

I’ve been playing TF2 for the last 2 hours. It’s a great game that requires (personal hate against) teamwork. You got your tank, your healer, your spy, autocannoncamperguy, pyro, sniper, erh, and the rest :D Me being me, I obviously went for the Spy throughout most of the game, and I had fun(‘ish, 30 deaths to 9 kills is a bit mmmm), anyways, it’s a great game I would definitely recommend it before the 1st of January (that’s when the Orange Box deal ends) and you miss your window of opportunity for a cheap thrill. What I give it out of 10? 7.










In other news, as promised in my last post, I would post pics of my new, old, first car! Here it is:




It has erh, ‘changed’ a little since then, the car now has a broken right wing mirror =/ I don’t know how that happened ehe ehmm.


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