The Descent …and PHP

So I sit here typing away at this ridiculous hour to bring entertainment news; a film. I sit here with my bedroom, door closed because, frankly, I’ma tad more weary of my surroundings than usual right now :P

The Descent (2005), one of the most gripping horror films I’ve ever seen has just been premiered on TV, and, to be honest, I pretty much pooped my pants.

The movie is about a whole female group of friends who set out to tackle the innards of a mountain, climbers as you will. This movie is good on so many levels because it’s psychological as well as up in your face frightening (they manage to sustain tension throughout the film as well). On the side, the sound of me simply typing this article is comforting as it is reducing the likelihood I’d hear something in the house out of the ordinary ;)

Anyways, things happen and, well, basically, they’re not alone down there. I could relate to this movie to a degree as well because they made the ‘bad guys’ believable. The environment that they’re in is set out as such that, throughout the movie, you see things clearly as a result of ‘the bad guys’ presence. Explanations for things that go on in the movie are also plausible. Make sure (especially if you have a distinct lack of balls) to see this movie, in the dark, on your own, full volume. If you don’t die of a heart attack, live to spread the news :P this movie is superb.

In other news, a friend of mine recently checked out my PHP tutorials and, well, he’s given me the incentive to make another PHP tutorial (number 5) which, if you’re lucky, shall be released soon. In the meantime, sign up to my forum and post your suggestions.


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