Britain: 1 – RestOfWorld(?): 0

Apologies for the patriotic tone (not really), but, as always, the Brit came through on Channel 4’s ‘Love Trap’. It’s all over now, but you can watch it free by downloading C4’s 4oD service here‘ish.

In other news, thought about mass mailing a program that’ll let any dim-wit with a brain smaller than the dot on that last ‘i’ get on the net without a ‘key’ on my school network. The situation stands; my school has a proxy that, any computer you want to let go on the internet, must change their IE proxy settings to the name of this proxy. This is done in the registry. Put more simply, (computer) —-(proxy)—-(internet).

Though I thought it’d be the ‘kewl, rad’ thing to do, by the time break had finished, I had changed my mind. Those rotten little kids, who the fuck they think I am to be letting them on the net for nothing. Whoa, I must have been outta my mind. Some of these year 7-11 kids have mouths far bigger than their bollocks (applies to gir…bitches too). If they wanna get on the internets without that code my computing teacher ‘cleverly’ manufactured in, wait for it, Delphi, they’ve got another thing coming. Assholes.

You know what 1300 chavs at the bottom of the ocean is? A good start, and, an empty school :\


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