Soldat in all its glory

So I decided to restart my Soldat server the other day; it’ll be running constantly from now on. I erm, had some fun on it earlier as well…

I guess I’ve learnt my lesson in not interfering with other peoples’ arguments. I’ll just play the role of ‘fly on the wall’ in future, until something racist comes up. Anyway, I tried to tackle this argument by making myself seem bigger than them both put together, a terribly mistake on my behalf. I don’t do admin a lot, I’m lacking in experience. I did it to promote the concept of authority. I thought they were being stupid (I also originally rooted for ‘[pure pwnage]’, he sounded the least idiotic (he wasn’t blowing his own trumpet)).

As you can see, trying to exercise my authority in the game didn’t work, and the noob kept coming back for more. He had one up on me until he got himself banned; oh what an idiot.

And so kids, if you want this much fun and more, please visit my Soldat server by entering rascal999.selfip.com in the server box, ;) maybe I’ll see you there… Like how I used the incident to promote my service? Thanks dumb and dumber.


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