Call of Duty 4

So I bought Call of Duty 4 the other day, verdict? Worth buying; fully customizable ‘classes’, unlocks, ranks, ‘perks’, air support, UAV, y’know, the works. Before you start wondering; no, it’s not like Battlefield 2. You can’t fly or drive in vehicles, to be honest though, you don’t need to. And no, there’s no medic class. It’s pure FPS imo, very well done. The single player is awesome, you really take part in the action, integrate. It almost feels like what you do will affect certain aspects of the mission, and ultimately the outcome.

The maps on multiplayer however, are too small. Don’t go in a game with more than 20 people, it’s just not worth it. Peeps around every fucking corner; great. Also, I think the ‘authentication’ servers are a bit overloaded atm from Europe being able to play since Friday (when I got it) so, a lot of issues trying to connect to some servers. Comparison to BF2, although more ‘gritty’ and ‘realistic’, it’s just not as good as BF2, but still worth the buy.

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