My accumulation of …stories

It seems, the closer you look in the Internet, the more bizarre stories you find. Sorry folks for not writing anything ‘real’ for a while. I’ve been tied up with things. I’ve decided that I’ve done something incredibly lame. For those of you who know me personally, you suck. Stop reading my posts, please. I have so much crap to get off my chest (y’know, interesting crap), but, if I offload now I will indefinitely puncture my ‘social standing’ and make a complete idiot of myself back in real life. So, my regrets for flashing my blog to those I know. I won’t say anything… I promise :P

Anyways, to the stories! Now, the Chinese being the Chinese, y’know, copy everything, have taken their tradi…(switching browsers (Opera doesn’t like this editor (another disadvantage!)))…tional stance, this time in copying one of the grand 3 consoles this end of the 00s. Can you guess? No? Maybe this video will refresh your memory. It’s incredible, really. Lets all laugh when it surpasses its original in life …haaa…

Another video that ‘caught’ my attention was this. Up to 100 teenagers mobbing a convenience store, we’re proud of you kids…


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