Mr C, gaaarrrrhhhh

I’ve dwelled into the art of programming in C today. I’ve learnt all about variables, functions, modules, scanf() (kept me going) etc. I am impressed with the language. Well structured, good syntax, easy’ish to learn. I’ve decided to put my collection of ‘practice’ files online (grab um here). If they’re unavailable, its because my box is down for maintenance (or worse). You might not be able to run the executables because you maybe missing gcc (C compiler).

In other news, I would like to apologize for leaving you guys in the dark for a while. I really had nothing to post about :P other than the fact that I’ve got a week to myself to do nothing, probably why I took up C. Anyways, I’ll leave a link to my C files on the right nav bar. If you have any questions, seek my forum. Laterzzz….

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