An idea…

So, I’ve released P (my proxy program). Its great, does what it’s supposed to do etc… BUT their’s one vital ingredient missing, something that will put off a lot of people because they can’t be fucked to go find a proxy for themselves. Well guess what lazy arseholes…? I may be able to help! Yes, I may be able to remove the whole ‘needs a proxy’ factor. Based on a comment posted on one of my videos at YouTube, I have decided this may well be incorporated in P’s next major release, 1.1. I won’t detail anything yet, but, if it works out, you won’t need to remember (or search for) ANY proxies. Yep, and, it’ll be at a ‘normal’ speed. Not a slow, 40kb proxy like you get from some these days. And so sit back, soak it up, and relax, I may have the answer!


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