The Opera.

Before you wonder, no, I did not go and see the opera. I have decided that Firefox is shit, and have changed to the all dancing, all singing Opera browser. What made me switch? Simply put, Google was getting on my nerves, Firefox had this little annoying bugs (search function most notable) and, worst of all, IT SLOWED MY COMPUTER DOWN. However, this does not mean Opera is perfect mind you. I’ll start with the advantages:

  • Seems to be quicker; 22mb memory is average load for Firefox, 40mb for Opera. Then again, Firefox has a memory leak, after a few hours, it jumps to around 75mb
  • Opera works. Whoa, would you believe it? Yes, it works. It doesn’t have any bugs that have annoyed me (yet), unlike Firefoxs’ incredible search feature.
  • Firefox is bloated, Opera isn’t. Yes, Firefox comes with Google these days. No, just, no. I hate it, Opera is free.
  • Firefox sits in my ‘Program Files’ UNINSTALLED at 7.5mb (22.4mb installed), Opera sits at 5.1mb, INSTALLED. Meh, it’s nothing huge, but, more memory is, well, more memory.
  • Firefox crashed, Opera (as of yet), hasn’t. It went through its periods, Firefox, it used to crash a lot, and then an update came out. It still crashed after the update, but not as much.
  • Opera has Speed Dial. It’s a nifty little feature that enables you to assign each number on the keyboard to a website of your choice. To call it up, just hit the Ctrl+[No.] key (or check out the Speed Dial page itself)

The disadvantages (yes, there are SOME):

  • Speed Dial doesn’t automatically open a new tab when hitting Ctrl+[No.]. I know it’s nothing big, it’s just an aggravation. You have to hit Ctrl+[T], whatever.
  • Prefer the look of some sites in Firefox (Hotmail). I’ll get used to it I’m sure.
  • The lines screw up in this editor.

…when I think/find more, I’ll state ;)

In other news, I had my third (or fourth) driving lesson today. Great fun it was :D drove around an estate with ma mate driving instructor. He’s O.K (can be boring, at times) but, he is teaching me well. Now that I’m also insured on my mum’s vehicle, she can take me around as well. She was trainee driving instructor, so she knows her stuff. Anyways, when I get the IRC bot working PROPERLY, I’ll post some shit about that. It was working the other day, but, tcl is gay.


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