Linux progression, foul vocal expression

It’s been tough, yes; I’ve got a problem installing my first app for Linux, namely Eggdrop. This little piece of shit requires not only gcc and g++ (not too hard to get), but Tcl… This is where my problem lies. I’ve tried various things to fix it, I’m obviously doing something wrong. I’ve installed around 4 different versions of the scripting language now and its totally fucked up. I may just reinstall Debian, start from scratch. I won’t use apt-get next time… thats where the issues started and lead too.

So, why install Eggdrop? Well, being the generous fellow that I am, I’ve decided (in time) to get an IRC channel up and running. I know I know, I’ve tried to do this 2/3 times before with ultimate failure, but, this time will be different (honest!) I’m going to be setting up something called a ‘botnet’. Simply put, I shall have one Linux box running one bot at my mum’s house, and, hopefully, another Linux box running another bot at my dad’s house. This greatly reduces the unlucky chance that my channel comes under threat because one of my Linux machines clapped up, lost net connection, or experienced (or, technically, didn’t xD) a power cut.

So, why have a channel Rascal999? Well, sir, I intend on creating a more lively community than the one I have now at my dusty forum. Though, I won’t be abandoning those who have signed up… No, no, I have a plan for them…

Ooo, whats the plan? …Erh, I shall mass mail them for an invite to my channel for a quiz competition.

Quiz competition? Yes, thats right, I need something that will ‘attract’ new people to the channel, in this case, a daily quiz.

When when when? Hopefully, by the end of next week, when I cba to get this friggin Tcl scripting thing working!


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