Who likes Linux anyway…

So literally just a few seconds ago, I deleted (pretty much) the entire /home/ folder on my Linux box. Erh, it was kinda stupid what I did. I opened up the terminal emulation program (a.k.a Konsole (oh yes, I’m a Debian man)) and su’ed. When I had done that (bad habit, never go into root again) I did a cd to /home/downloads/ (where all the downloads go, funnily enough) and entered a failure of a command, rm -R * . . . Little did I know this would not just delete everything in my /home/downloads/ folder, but also deleted everything in the /home/ folder as well (YAY!) This means I’ll have to start from scratch (no, I will NOT be retrieving deleted files from my Linux box (faster to start from the beginning (honestly)) which, y’know, is good and bad. I might ‘reconsider/revise’ my choice of Linux distro though. Might go for BSD distro or whatever it’s called, as every Linux package I’ve seen the on Internet seems to support it… Lamo’s.


One response

  1. Richard Chapman

    I don’t like Linux, I love it. And it loves me.

    The bad news is is that you deleted your home directory. The good news is is that you’ll never do it again and may have even saved a few of us poor sods from also doing it. Thanks for sharing.

    18 September, 2007 at 1:24 am

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