Comodo, iTunes and, VideoJug =)

So I’ve been browsing the internets today (not as much as usual dare I say), y’know, the usual rounds, I’m sure we all do it, stick to a routine of sites and blogs… Anyways, dunno how I came across it now (think I Wiki’ed kissing :S) and thus, came across this. I think its great, how to live life, on tape :P (well, you know what I mean). I love how they craft humor into the ‘Life and Sex’ videos I think they’re called. You got stuff like, how to undo a bra with one hand, how to deal with your girlfriend’s parents, how to French Kiss :P, the list goes on… Anyways, I think it’s a real step in the right direction viewing these and taking what they have to say about it. I know their’s no real right way of doing it, when it comes to relationships, but they do have solid tips ;)

In other news, I downloaded Comodo firewall today, Jetico wasn’t cracking it for me anymore, I needed change (plus I thought it was killing my BF2 :P), and so, Comodo is its replacement. Its better than Jetico, its got a nice GUI, its neater, more refined than Jetico.. Sure, Jetico 1.0 is old, but, still, Comodo will stay :) So, what prompt me to say this? Well, as it happens, I went on iTunes and, hay presto, when I tried to rate a song (5, 4, 3 stars, etc) I was surprised to see Comodo’s little prompt asking whether or not I should enable iTunes to establish a connection with the Internet. Whaa?? Does this mean that our ratings get shipped off to iTunes for comprehension? Well, maybe it determines the charts, but, it was a surprise nevertheless… If one of you guys knows about this, please either comment or clarify, as that may all be wrong :(


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