Eve Online, and, the golf buggy…

Yeah so I tested Eve Online and erhh, all I can say is, b-b-b-booooorrriiiinnngggg. Take that detailed review with a pinch of salt though; I didn’t even get passed reading the tutorial :( Erhh, I think it would suite people who really only have a computer for a life, friend, life, and friend :D Anyways, went to partaaay last night. Great fun! Though they were all old folk my dad knows, they had this amazing golf buggy… They rich see, so they have shit loads of land, and this one off buggy that me sis and I BOMBED out in. Great times…

Erhh, other things of interest, erhh, went to see Bourne Ultimatum. That was quite a good movie. Erhh, rating? Well, I don’t think its one of those movies you go see and talk about too much. Its one of these you like it or you don’t movies, y’know. Its action-packed and worth seeing, thats all I’ma going to say :D As for the other party I was supposed to be going to, the day was a bit of a wash out weather wise (good for golf buggy skidding!) so, it got postponed.

Anyways, my next post will probably be middle of week, but, if not, it’ll be after I’ve gone to Devon for some surfing, maybe I’ll post some pics :D See ya…

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