Dual screens!

The day has arrived, I have …2 screens. It’s great! Now I can put all my icons on one screen and, leave the other one clean! I only just thought of doing it today (I could have done it months ago). I’ve had this monitor sitting next to the one I’m looking at now for ages, doing jack all. So, today (after a friend had been bitching about himself getting a new monitor) I thought, hay, that’s a good idea. Before you wonder, yes, yes I did try two games at once (WoW, Counter-Strike). Ermm, to sum it up in one word, it would have to be, FAIL. Fail, because, my PC isn’t too powerful running two games at once. It can give me 27 fps in each, but, I don’t like that, so, I didn’t bother. Plus navigating between the two screens is a nightmare when you have an app in full screen mode. You have to Alt+Tab or Windows key to move the mouse over to the other screen which is a no go for me. WoW in windowed mode is barable, y’know, I’ll live with it, but, CSS? No, just, no.

In other news …I really should make us another video tutorial shouldn’t I; I’ve been so busy this last week being tied up with WoW that I just didn’t have the time (seriously). I may look into the registration form thing tomorrow… Maybe…


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