What I’ve been up to

So I’ve been continuing in my adventures on Azeroth and, well, you’ll be broken hearted to know that, rather than investing my time in releasing another video tutorial …I have done this (only those who play WoW will appreciate).

Yepp, that took me about 2 and half hours to get too, total waste of my time, but, still fun :D . Notice to the right of the image, Orgrimmar doesn’t rend. I’m going to try and get to the piece of wood that sticks out on the top of the entrance hole to Orgrimmar and go /lol a few times. See what people say. Now, before you fuckers go asking, NOOO, I will NOT be sharing to ANYONE the details on how to do it (well, 10000 gold may swing well), but still, NO, DON’T BOTHER ASKING! Ok, now that we’ve clarif…DON’T FUCKING ASK!!!!!…ied that, lets move on.

In case I didn’t mention, or you forgot, the next video tutorial I shall be releasing shall be based on a PHP registration form. So, like, I showed you how to make a login form, but, didn’t show you how to get peeps signed up to your whatever (poor planning). Anyways, when thats released, you’ll know about (especially those on my forum). In witting that sentence I’ve just had a fantastic idea (you won’t like it (I love it)). I’ve decided to let those who sign up on my forum have premium access to my video tutorials. Simply put, forum users will get to see my new video releases 3-4 days before anyone else (that’ll get you bastards to sign up). So, without further ado, click here.


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