Brace yourself

So I wake up today to find myself realizing that I am not needed at school again until Monday :D I have therefore decided (as I’ve said in my other post) that I shall be releasing some more video tutorials. I say tutorials because, well, it maybe two. Until this morning I had no idea what I was going to make my 6th PHP video tutorial about. Then, some bright spark says he needs something to do with cookies. Whola, cookies it’ll be then.

So, between sometime from now and Monday, you shall be expecting two releases, the creation of a registration form tutorial, and, a cookies tutorial… So, that aside, let me move onto some more depressing news.

I shall be starting my A levels this September. This is great for me, not so much for you, because, I shan’t be as active as I am now (some would argue, I’m barely active now :P). In light of this realization, I have decided I am going to release as many video tutorials as I can before the end of summer, when, I shall really have to dedicate myself to school work. Trust me; you don’t wanna know what I’ll be doing… So, please, don’t consider this my planned resignation from what I’m doing, just, a slow down. When my A levels are over, heck, I’ll have so much free time who knows what I could doing ;)

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