No sex causes bad eyes, and meaningless post names!

So it’s been two days since the epic release of Prox. I hope its going well for those who are using it. I must point out that, it only works for IE. I shall be fixing this to make it work with Firefox eventually, but, tonight, I shall be outlining my next move in Delphi programming.

So you’re at school on Prox, browsing Bebo or whatever, and your mate in the other class wants a chat. Short of screaming across the room or walking into his/her class, you can’t do anything, right? Wrong! I’m currently working on a program that’ll allow you to communicate with your peers in and out of school! This is more-less in theory stage at the moment, so don’t expect anything too soon. It should be good! Obviously, this program will work for everyone (one hope’s).

Gearing back to Prox, as stated in my last post, I’m more than open to feedback. In fact, I’m desperate for feedback! Though I’ve tested the software on 3 different machines (Vista being one of them), I need more. I’m not 100% on whether its working for the majority of you. So, go sign up on the forum, or, leave a comment on the ‘Downloads‘ section, and improvements shall be made! Now, I have some homework to do (yes, at this ghastly hour) so, when you’ve posted your thoughts on Prox, you can go check out my Bebo. ;)


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