Thick and fast

I reckon writing down what I’m currently working on is a good idea. It’s all been lingering in my head for a, well, nearing a week now. There are 4 main things I’m consciously thinking about. These are:

  • Statspitter – The Soldat Dedicated Server PHP ‘package’ is at the top of my list along with…
  • Prox – PHP/Executable package that’ll connect you to the internet via proxy. The executable Pro (I’m hoping) will offer a constant flow of updated, working proxy IPs for whoever is using it to connect to. Finally…
  • Tutorials – I may just release one tomorrow if you’re lucky. It focuses on a registration form, a important concept to grasp in creating/managing mass username and password dependent sites, for example, YouTube.

So there’s the line up. I’ll probably get it all done by the summer holidays (yay!) In the meantime, I’d like to know what you guys want from me tutorial wise. Sign up to my forum and post your suggestions. I’m more than open to pretty much anything you got (within reason).


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