What goes up…

So the proxy that I was using in p00.bat has gone down. The second one to ‘fail.’ on me in like, a week. Whatta bitch. That said, at least it gives me a reason to post, blaheh.

I’ve been looking into the whole Linux thing recently (today). Due to the fact that I work for my school and we were going through some shit to throw out today, I found some old 98 laptops (one of which) I decided to take home and have some fun with. I won’t go into technicalities, but, the laptop is really shit. I used to use a tower (PC) to host a Linux server, but me mum was like ‘STFU!!!’ with the whole server thing because it was in my room and it showed on the electricity bill like a sore thumb (hmmmm).

I guess I’m blabbering on about it because, I’m considering hosting something again. I choose a laptop for a reason. It’s quiet, inexpensive (19v) and small, though the spec is rubbish (64MB, 550MHz, 5GB), its better than nothing for free…

I’m hoping to find some more crap tomorrow that I could accessories at home, we’ll see, we’ll see…

I think its time I projected and reflected my feelings toward another video tutorial. I know you new subscribers are dying to see me work another wonder. Probably old news but, it’s gonna be an improvement on my previous login tutorial, with MySQL at my disposal. I’ve started writing the tutorial on my forum if you would like to get a rough idea where I’ll be going with the video tutorial, ’til then, chall.


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