*sniff* What happened?

Ooooohhh deeeaaarrr. Whassup with p00.bat rascal? Erh, basically, the proxy that the batch connects you to is dead. I shall be fixing it sometime tonight and, when you start downloading it tomorrow, it should work again. Sorry folks! I had no power to prevent it.

In other news, I’ve gotten into the whole Empire Earth 2 scene again. It is an awesome game but, I never had the time to get around to playing it ‘proper’. It’s a strategy game that follows up where Empire Earth left off. I actually got the game (EE1) more or less entirely by accident. My old Packard Bell can with some shit and Empire Earth just happened to be on it. Ever since then I’ve been looking out for Sierra releases and, yeah, EE2…

UPDATE: Speaking of Sierra releases…

One response

  1. llolllollloolloolloolloolloolloolloolloollkjhgdQWERTYU

    p00.bat was extinguished a long time ago.

    5 August, 2008 at 12:45 pm

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