Destruction is a form of creation …apparently

Holy shit, where to begin? Um, I worked 7 hours solid today doing ‘manual labor’. Tough shit it was, but worth it for the £££ I shall be receiving :D I couldn’t see myself doing it as a career though… no.

More-less as soon as I finished work, I jumped straight on the computer and booted up a program called Hammer, the official map editor for Half Life 2 and mods. I said to myself (having tried to make huge buildings before hand) ‘Let’s make ONE room at a time shall we…’ This is what I got after 3 hours work.

The Canteen

The Kitchen

Serving hole


Doesn’t seem much for 3 hours work, but I’ve learned a lot from the experience. I’m relatively unfamiliar with mapping in general. There are a few bugs that need sorting out and it is only 2 rooms at the moment. I plan to make a ‘collection’ of rooms that shall take toll a suspicious look-a-like to a school when the map is finished (hopefully).

In other news, I went paintballing with my school the other day. Great fun I had. It was also good that I only got shot on unprotected parts of my body like, 3 times (the rest being shots to the head :P). If you haven’t been paintballing before and think you’d enjoy it, GET YOUR FAT ASS DOWN into a game and have fun!

I am now going to retreat to my bed as I am aching all over. I plan to write my next post brain storming ideas for the Rascal999.com site, we’ll see…

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