So I’ve been playing this OGame, and, well, I’m impressed. Scripted in PHP and used with MySQL, it’s a pretty cool game. Basically, you got 4 main resources. Metal, Energy, Crystal and Deuterium; Metal is used for building buildings and ships, Energy to keep the mines running and stuff, Crystal for circuit boards and other electronic equipment, and Deuterium for fueling ships. Buildings can take minutes, hours or even days to build which is probably what keeps you hooked to this game for quite a decent period of time. You can’t ‘complete’ this game in a day or something.

In other news, I haven’t really thought about another video tutorial release for PHP. Though I have a rough idea what it’ll focus on (an improvement on my previous login form tutorial), a timeline for that baby is flexible, to say the least. I’ve decided I’m going to take on the typical philosophy of ‘It’ll be done when it’s done!’ from now on…


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