Let the games begin.

And so, after the seamlessly never-ending crusade of delays and pain-staking wait, the PS3 has finally been released in Europe! As well as gamers queuing in London receiving free 46-inch HD TVs worth £2500 in purchasing a PS3 Thursday night, Microsoft have launched a site that ‘welcomes the PS3 to the next generation’, and then moves onto say ‘Sony …you’re late!’. Microsoft handed out chairs to those queuing for a PS3 with the website address that challenges the PS3s’ late arrival to utter the least. It will certainly be interesting to see how the PS3 sells behind or beyond the 360 in the upcoming months. I will certainly be looking into purchasing a PS3 when the price drops, that’s for sure!

Read more on the PS3 and Microsoft’s devious publicity stunts here!


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