Yes, yes, I am still here. Kinda haven’t yet bothered making the mail tutorial. Did try, failed miserably. Yes, it does take more than one attempt to get these videos right you know! Anyway, I’m just posting to eliminate your doubts, I do still exist. I suppose the ‘I shall release a video soon…’ tack is losing its truth. I really must get my arse in gear and make you guys something. Erhhh, I aim for the PHP mail tutorial still, and shall get it to you ASAP ehm.

In other news, I downloaded the demo of Just Cause today. Dude, did they even bother finishing that thing? I did the first mission where you have to go kill 4 politician dudes of some importance blah blah blah. Turns out when you kill the guy, all the policemen and soldiers out to protect the guy you kill just …disappear. Nice. There are a number of other bugs in the game too which I’ll spare you. I do like how the game grasps the concept of ‘OMFGWTFHHHUUUGGEEEBBQ!!!!111one!1!!’, very nice. Anyway, overall rating based on how much I’ve played so far is like a 6.5/10. I’m not going to buy it lets just say.


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