Time to shave my view

Yeah so like, I shaved for the first time yesterday (OH MY GOOSH), just to give you an idea on how old I am :P OK, random stuff aside, I must, must, must release a new tutorial soon. I know it’s been ages, but, you know, I have a life to lead. I recently discovered the mail(); command (WOW), so my next tutorial (after the ‘improved’ tutorial for the login form) shall be on how to create a mailing script, very exciting.

In other news, I downloaded a new mod for HL2 a couple days ago called Decloak : Source. Absolutely awesome game; definitely worth a look if you have HL2. Basically, what you got is the rebels and the combines. The rebels can cloak, rendering them completely invisible and combines get spoilt with a wide arsenal of weapons and explosives to hunt down the rebels. Now the aim of the game for a rebel is simple, escape. This obviously isn’t as easy as it sounds because the combines can actually see a cloaked rebel if he/she shines their battery powered light in the general direction of the rebel. Yes, its still in beta, it’s a bit buggy, but it’s playable. This mod certainly has foundations for potential. Go check it out!


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