Download available!

Yay, the Downloads page has a download! Wooo, woo- anyway, basically, it’s a script that generates a list of character combinations up to 5 characters and displays its MD5 hash. How is this useful? Simple; you can now cross-reference a handful of MD5 hashes to crack, for example, weak passwords. It still needs some work done though and I intend on starting that soon.

In other news, I’ve just realized I should never set release dates for video tutorials. Why? Because, basically, I don’t meet them! Sorry folks. What I’m going to do now is just spit one out now and then and make a post about it. That means you’ll have to keep coming back here to see if I’ve made a new one or not ;) very clever. Anyway, my intentions are, due to criticism over my PHP login tutorial, to make another one, hopefully better, to fix some stuff. Apologies if it was a poor tutorial, I guess I didn’t plan it out or, something…

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