Net Neutrality

Was browsing YouTube for an ‘Ask a Ninja’ episode when I came across this. I was totally oblivious to Net Neutrality until now. How dare these companies try and ‘prioritise’ the Internet. Sure, it only applies to America, but that’ll quickly change and spread to other countries as well.

In case you are unaware, Net Neutrality is like the bill preserving the right for anyone, anywhere in the world to access any website as fast (or slow?) as any other. Everyone and everything on the net is on even ground. However, greedy ISPs (the companies that hook you up to the net) want to ‘prioritise’ access to sites that pay a hefty fee for the faster line, leaving other sites in the dark. Basically, without Net Neutrality, some sites would be faster than others, and some sites won’t work at all. Visit SaveTheInternet.com for more information, and the ability to sign the petition against the downfall of Net Neutrality.

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